What is AIA Vitality program? — live longer, feel better, change sooner.

Australia AIA Vitality What is AIA Vitality? Australia AIA Vitality is a science-backed program that helps you learn about your health, improve it and stay motivated with rewards, all under the disguise of a life insurance side product. What would it mean to you if you knew you could feel great — and live longer? […]

Australia aia vitality

Australia AIA Vitality What is AIA Vitality?

Australia AIA Vitality is a science-backed program that helps you learn about your health, improve it and stay motivated with rewards, all under the disguise of a life insurance side product.

What would it mean to you if you knew you could feel great — and live longer? Would you consider making some lifestyle choices if you had help — and motivation?

Look at your health and wellbeing situation right now. Are you:

  • actively trying to maintain or improve your health?
  • trying to establish some routines and disciplines but wish you could be more persistent and do more?
  • paying attention to your health but don’t have any specific goals or disciplines?
  • not really paying attention to it?

Whichever option applies to you, it could be worth considering the AIA Vitality program.

Who is AIA and Vitality

AIA is a global life insurance company with headquarters in Hong Kong.

It offers financial protection for premature death, total and permanent disability, loss of income due to illness or accident, and the crisis recovery expenses of critical health situations, such as stroke and cancer.

In Australia, AIA is called AIA Australia. Vitality is a health and wellbeing program that only works with AIA.

How AIA Vitality works

You provide information about your health and lifestyle to the program. The program gives you options to improve your health, such as discounted gym memberships, dietary advice, quit smoking programs and more.

As you improve your health you earn some great rewards through top brand partnerships.

AIA Vitality awards you points when you perform activities prescribed for you and stick to them. You can earn weekly gift vouchers, discounted offers from partner companies and a host of other goodies — all by improving your health.

And as you increase your overall AIA Vitality status, you’ll earn even more generous discounts and rewards.
So you WILL get up from the bed and hit the gym — again and again. You WILL talk to your GP more often. You WILL quit smoking and lower your blood pressure. You WILL self-examine your skin. And you WILL pay attention to what you eat, how much you sleep and how many steps you took today.
The more activities you do, the more financial rewards you will receive.

The very idea

The idea behind AIA Vitality is very smart. If you keep fit and healthy, you are less likely to make claims against your insurance policy. The insurance company makes much more money when they pay fewer claims, so they are, in fact, more concerned about your wellbeing than your mum!

They want to motivate you to live longer and be happier. And they do this by offering real hard cash and savings, including up to 20% discounts off their life insurance products. They even take this further by partnering up with lifestyle service and product providers (flight/spa/shopping/movies and so on). Everybody wins!

There are four levels of membership status:

  • Bronze (0–9,999 points)
  • Silver (10,000–19,999 points)
  • Gold (20,000–29,999 points), and
  • Platinum (30,000 and above).

The higher your member status level, the more rewards you will get (here is the juicy part):

  • Up to a whopping 50% off domestic and international flight tickets
  • Up to $650 in shopping vouchers (Myer, Ticketmaster, Dymocks, Woolworths, Rebel) each year for reaching AIA Vitality points milestones
  • Earn up to $260 in Active Benefits vouchers (iTunes, Woolworths, HOYTS, Boost Juice)
  • Up to 50% off spa e-Gift cards and movie vouchers
  • Up to 20% off your insurance premiums.

AIA Vitality has an app and website member portal. These are user-friendly however to help get you started, you can call AIA Australia. The AIA Vitality hotline staff are very helpful.

Where to start

Since Australia AIA Vitality is not a standalone program, you can only have it as a rider off other products offered by AIA Australia, or their general insurance partner.

There are three ways you can start an AIA Vitality membership, but because it depends on your situation, your financial adviser will give you the appropriate advice on the best way for you.

Acquiring insurance is a significant event and plays an important role in your family’s financial wellbeing. It’s vital that you seek quality insurance advice when planning for your family’s finances.

In a Royal Commission Hearing, Financial Advice has been highlighted as essential to the sustainability of the lifestyle of the future family of the life insured.

This is where an Adviser can help to “bridge the gap” to identify and articulate your financial needs — for example, bring up your children, pay off your mortgage, or have an income when you can’t work — in cases of life events such as having a baby, buying a home, getting married, divorce and separation, planning for retirement, saving for something big, accidents, sickness and even death, and leaving a legacy.

Make a change today and book a time with us to discuss what you want to achieve here.

Let us live longer, feel better, change sooner.

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